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HeteroGenius Medical Image Manager

Hetero<strong>Genius</strong> Medical Image Manager (HG-MIM)

HeteroGenius Medical Image Manager (HG-MIM)

The foundation of the HeteroGenius business is Digital Pathology Image Analysis and Management. Digital pathology is the process of digitising and managing glass microscopy slides using computational hardware and software. "Digital slides" are huge colour images containing cellular level detail of whole tissue pieces that can be 100K x 100K pixels in size or more. This precludes displaying images at native resolution on conventional computer monitors (necessitating specific viewers), or fitting the images into computer memory (necessitating bespoke analysis frameworks). Despite being a relatively new business we have over 10 years of experience in dealing with such images. We have developed the HG-MIM (Medical Image Manager) web based platform, which can be extended to perform a variety of manual and automatic management and analysis tasks.